Marketing/PR Manager

Evergreen, CO 80439, USA

Job Type

Part Time

How To Apply

Email a cover letter and resume to

About the Role


The Marketing/PR Manager is responsible for implementing a marketing and outreach schedule to support the recruitment and promotion of all ensemble auditions, activities, and productions.

The key responsibilities of this position are:

  1. Work closely with the Business Manager and Board of Directors to develop and execute an annual marketing plan. Explore, create and suggest other innovative and effective marketing strategies.

  2. Coordinate website design, e-newsletters, and web presence with the Business Manager.

  3. Design and/or find someone to design all concert, show, and audition publicity materials (e.g., business cards, flyers, posters, digital content, etc.).  Maintains high quality on all promotional materials.

  4. Arrange for printing of all promotional materials.  Seek out and use cost-effective printing modes.  Print and distribute in a timely manner as determined by the Business Manager.

  5. Manage the annual marketing budget of approximately $5,000.

  6. Recruit and manage volunteers needed to execute the marketing plan.

  7. Coordinate the distribution of show, concert and audition marketing materials for posting and display at strategic locations throughout service areas and on social media.

  8. Coordinate parent school liaison activities and the necessary distribution of show, concert, and audition information at schools.

  9. Write press releases for concerts, shows, and auditions.  Send to appropriate media outlets.

  10. Contact local media outlets to arrange special features.

  11. Submit concert, show, and audition information to appropriate on-line calendars.

  12. Order banners and put up /take down show, concert and audition banners at strategic locations.

  13. Prepare and distribute ECC general brochure, season bookmark, or other overall informational materials.

  14. Attend concert and show production meetings as necessary.

  15. Work with Music Directors to coordinate performance appearances throughout the community (up to 6 per year).

  16. Provides other duties as deemed necessary to adequately market auditions, special events and productions.

  17. Report to the Business Manager.

The Marketing/PR Manager should have a High School diploma (college degree preferred) and previous marketing/promotion experience is required. This position works from home; you must have your own computer and necessary software equipment and skills to carry out tasks.

This is an independent contractor position and compensation is annually determined by the Board of Directors.  Hours vary depending on the time of year.

About the Company

Organization Background:
The Evergreen Children’s Chorale (ECC) is a 501(c)(3) community arts organization that was formed more than 31 years ago, in response to a need in the mountain area for a high-quality music performance ensemble specifically designed for children. ECC provides musical performance opportunities for youth in 2nd through 8th grade to fulfill our Mission and in accordance with our Guiding Principles:
Inspiring and engaging young performers through quality experiences
that create community and nurture a love of the arts.
Guiding Principles:
● Pursue excellence in the performing arts
● Provide a fun, joyful and professional atmosphere
● Foster collaboration, teamwork and trust
● Connect to the heart of our community
● Cultivate empathy in a nurturing environment
● Respect individuality, diversity and inclusion
● Lead by example and with integrity

ECC has two ensembles: Prelude (2nd-4th grade) and Company (5th-8th grade).